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Church History
Prospect Presbyterian Church was organized in 1824 when Concord Presbytery granted a petition to form a new church. There were approximately 20 members at the time of organization, most of them moving membership from Centre Presbyterian Church. By 1866 enrollment had grown to 384 and Prospect had become the largest church in Concord Presbytery, now known as Salem Presbytery.
The original church was a log structure which was replaced with a large frame sanctuary in the late 1850ís. The present brick structure, which will seat more than 400 people, was completed in 1951. For over a hundred years Prospect shared a minister with other churches in the area, but in 1927, Reverend James Douglas Deans was installed as Prospectís first full-time pastor.
Prospect enjoys a rich heritage. Presbytery met here in 1835 and adopted the resolution to establish Davidson College. Also in 1885, Augustus Leazer, an elder and member of the North Carolina legislature, introduced a bill that established North Carolina State University. In 1954 Prospect was named Rural Church of the South and was the scene in 1956 of the first message from a Christian church recorded for broadcast by the Voice of America to countries throughout the world.